What We Do

We strive to provide free medical and surgical care to the under-served global community within the scope of oculoplastic, reconstructive, orbital and facial surgery.

We educate surgeons in under-served global communities extending best practices for oculoplastic, reconstructive, orbital and facial surgery. The education component of our work serves to create a sustainable model for continued quality care in these regions.

We connect industry with these developing countries to provide the necessary tools, devices, and equipment for the ongoing delivery of quality care.

Our Impact

The periocular region is a unique part of the face that is the intersection of the sinuses and skull base.  The eyelids, lacrimal system, and the orbit play an integral part in maintaining proper vision for the eyes. It is the center of the face and its proper function and aesthetics is crucial to the quality of life.  Trauma, injury, tumors, infection, inflammation, and/or congenital processes can all affect various structures around this region. Proper medical and surgical treatments are crucial to minimize vision loss and maintain function of these supporting structures of the eye.

Though various surgical subspecialties overlap skill sets for this region, the availability/accessibility of surgeons for the periocular, orbital region remain limited for various regions of the world. While various surgical organizations exist with similar missions of providing free surgical and medical care in the developing countries, there is little focus on surgical services leveraging our particular skill sets.

Our team will consist of fellow-ship trained oculoplastic, reconstructive and orbital surgeons initially, with plans to expand to a team of facial surgeons. Our mission trips will be supported by foundation grants, individual donations, and fundraising efforts. Surgical equipment and supplies will be obtained via in-kind donations from companies or individuals.  100% of our support will be expended for the mission trips.